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What's Happening;

Next meeting January 19, 2013 at 1000hr., at Post 117 

January 11, 2014  Winter Party at Post #778, at 1800 hrs..

Suit Yourself : Donate clothing you don't wear anymore. (all types) Donate them to Suit Yourself , Deshon Place, rear entrance, VA MEDICAL CENTER, New Castle Road ,Butler. Call 724-287-4781 ext. 4018, Hours Tues.,Thurs., and Fri. 1000 to 1630 hrs...

Help a friend. If you have a trailer and are willing to go tow someone in if they give you a  $ 5call.Call Sal at 724-282-0386.

Legion Riders events are in posted in RED.


Ford City VFW Ride

ALR Good Sams Trailers

Sal DiMaria  Cell 724-504-6886

Dennis Christie Home 724-753-2669

Andy Stewart Home 724-910-7676

Leroy Bunyan Home 724-586-6387, Cell 724-822-1781

John Bunyan Home 724-637-7037, Cell 724-333-6124 or 724-504-7905

Denny Stitt Home 724-586-7577, Cell 724-822-2389